Into the mouth of God

a begnning

The next mission for the society and it started in a waiting room almost, three hours later we were still waiting.
The ‘we’ was an eclectic assortment of souls; a striking chelaxian lady wearing too much leather for my taste and entirely too comfortable with many hooked and sharp objects thread in and out of the leather, a male elf – looking like every other elf although there was a chain of a cleric around his neck and the last was a surprise, an orc from the Mwangi.
Never thought I’d see one this far north.

I was wearing my breastplate, my riding pants with the light chain running through them, topped off with the calf-high riding boots and the bayonet sheath. My whetstone weighed down my pocket but I did think it somewhat unusual I still had my weapons whilst about to meet a venture captain (guess he could have taken us all, if pushed).

It was minutes later, the sage’s letter in my pocket and following our directions we found out we would be fulfilling a favor to the temple of Phrarsma, in Kaer Marga – wonderful! Thankfully it was urgent and magic would be used to send there almost (should we have been worried?). We arrived near the entrance to the halflight pass, four hours of dingy tunnels infested with beings that the Duskwardens declined to elaborate on.

The city itself shouldn’t function, it seems to be kept in check by consensus of some very powerful groups (including some monks who prefer sorting out their differences in pitched battles on the street). The longer we spend here; the more likely we are to attract the attention of some of those interests and everything is for sale here. More than a little disturbing.

After finding accommodation, which is another story in itself – we found ourselves rested and at the Temple of Pharasma at midnight. Which as we all knew is exactly the time to go looking for missing bodies in an ossuary. Thus we made our way out of the city down a cliff face easily one kilometre high and into the mouth of a god (a runelord) and deposited with a weeks food at a second set of imposing stone doors. Given a chime which was meant to open the sealed arcane bindings of Pharasma we descended the stairs…



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